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The Actors agreed to reduce the remuneration, the problem is solved!

Tovino and Joju George
Tovino and Joju George

The Producers Association has decided to take strict action against the actors who do not reduce their remuneration in the Malayalam cinema. The Producers’ Association has tightened its grip on the situation as leading actors, including Mohanlal, have halved their pay. In the second part of the newly prepared scene, Mohanlal gets only half the reward, the association said. With this, the association has taken a tough stand against the players who did not reduce their remuneration.


The Producers’ Association had decided not to approve the films of Tovino Thomas and Jojo George as they were not willing to pay less. The issues have been resolved with the players agreeing to reduce their salaries after discussions last day. The issue was resolved at a meeting held in Kochi on Thursday.

Joju George

The producers said that Tovino Thomas and Jojo George agreed to share the profits with the producer after the film’s release in lieu of remuneration and to reduce the remuneration from Rs 50 lakh to Rs 30 lakh. The producers said that Mohanlal and Mammootty had significantly reduced their pay but that Tovino Thomas and Jojo George had paid more than COVID had bought before. With this, the Producers Association decided not to release their films. Amma, an organization of actors, also endorsed the decision of the Producers Association to reduce the salaries of the actors to overcome the crisis faced by the Malayalam cinema due to COVID.

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