That’s why Vijay doesn’t act in films… Interview with Actor Vijay friend Sanjeev


Actor Vijay is currently acting in Warisu. Lokesh Kanagaraj is going to act next. In this case, actor Sanjeev, who is known as a close friend of actor Vijay, has said interesting things in a recent interview. Even if an actor makes his debut now, Vijay will think of him as competition. Once Vijay told Sanjeev that while a new actor’s film was about to be released, another actor is coming to the competition tomorrow. When asked why you say that, yes, it must be in competition with the new actor who comes like that.

Vijay said that only then we will keep running. Sanjay has proudly said that Vijay is the one who can compete with a small actor despite his status as a commander. Despite being a leading actor, Vijay, who has faced issues with the release of his films at more than one stage, looked nervous during the release of Jilla. Vijay’s anxiety did not rest until he heard the song Zilla Zilla in the theatre. Because then every film of his has come with various problems.

Sanjeev said that even being a leading actor comes with such hardships. Usually, Vijay and five of his closest friends meet at a wedding hall near Loyola College, where they studied. Similarly, if Vijay meets her at home, his mother will ask Soba to cook all kinds of non-vegetarian food. His mother Soba once said that Sanjay used to cook the food.

When asked why Sanjeev doesn’t play big roles in Vijay films despite being such close friends, we six friends have been traveling with one policy for all these years. No one bothered anyone professionally. Sanjeev said that apart from talking about the things happening in his work, I will not ask if there is a chance for me in your film. Their friend and actor-director Srinath will play a small role in Vijay’s debut as a hero in the film Kamayya Gharti. Similarly, it is noteworthy that Sanjeev also acted in some films with Vijay in the early period.