‘That’s the sound from a video we talked about earlier’ Angel again with an explanation!


Angel Thomas was the most talked-about contestant on social media during the third season of Bigg Boss Malayalam. Not only Angel but also some conversations between the contestant Adoni and Angel were the discussions.

Despite the fact that Angel was delivered as a feature of a week ago’s end, conversations about the connection between Adoni and Angel are still active. Meanwhile, Angel is currently going live. In the live video delivered by Insta, Angel says that he and Adoni were not in affection and that he is a decent friend. Angel has uncovered that he presently has a darling and that Adoni additionally takes part in an extramarital entanglement.

The biggest thing that made me like him was the support he gave me when I had a cake problem. I never thought to go ahead with Love Mind. They released the video without the head and tail without clearly showing what happened there!