Thalapathy Vijay’s son’s video is trending


Vijay has a large fan base, and his most recent release, ‘Varisu,’ has performed well in theatres around the country. Vijay has a son and a daughter, with Divya Sasha making her on-screen debut in her father’s action film ‘Theri’. Meanwhile, Vijay’s son, Jason Sanjay, has frequently made news due to his resemblance to the famed South actor. Vijay’s son Jason was recently sighted making a short film. Vijay’s son, Jason Sanjay, has been studying filmmaking at a university in Canada, and the son of a prominent actor has been honing his craft before making his film debut.

Jason Sanjay appears to have chosen to become a director like his grandfather SA Chandrasekhar, as he was seen filming a short film with his buddies. The footage of Jason Sanjay making a short film gets popular on social media, and Vijay fans are expecting the younger son of their favorite actor to make his cinematic debut soon.

Earlier in 2020, Jason Sanjay stated that he will direct a film starring Vijay Sethupathi in order to make his cinematic debut. However, there has been no news on the film or Jason Sanjay’s debut because the star kid has taken some time to develop his abilities. Also, Alphonse Putharen had read a story to Jason Sanjay. Vijay did, however, leave the decision to his son, who was not interested in making his acting debut. Vijay stated that he will support his kid in any endeavor he chooses.

In 1999, Vijay married Sangeetha in a lavish ceremony. Jason Sanjay and Divya Sasha are their two children. While Vijay and Sanjay rarely appear in public, their children largely avoid the spotlight. According to reports, Jason Sanjay is studying film in Canada.