Tesla with great job opportunities for 10th graders


Electric car maker Tesla offers jobs to 10th-grade students. The company has offered 10,000 jobs to the new factory, which will open in Austin, the capital of Texas. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, said on Twitter that high school graduates without a college degree could apply for a job at Tesla and that the factory would be operational by 2022. Chris Reilly, one of the company’s recruiting managers, explained how the company plans to recruit people at its new Austin plant. The company has established partnerships with Austin Community College, the University of Houston-Tillotson, the University of Texas, and the Del Vale Independent School District for recruitment. Reilly said he plans to liaise with these educational institutions with the Texas Workforce Commission to develop new programs.
The company also offers high school graduates the opportunity to start and pursue a career at Tesla. The company will provide the opportunity for those from outside the manufacturing sector to handle entry-level roles. Vehicles such as electric cyberattacks and Model Y crossovers will be built at Tesla’s Austin plant. Texas is the third most popular country for Tesla vehicles after California and Florida.