Telugu Remake of the Interview on Telugu .. Title Poster Released

Pink, which became a super hit in Hindi, has been remade in Tamil under the name of ‘Parsha’. The same story is currently being remade in Telugu. Power Star Pawan Kalyan will star in it. The shooting started last month. It is in this situation that the film and the poster have been released.

The film is titled ‘Lawyer Saab’. Its poster is spreading over the internet. Here .. Pawan Kalyan has shied away from films with political entry. Pawan Kalyan, who on several occasions proclaimed himself to be a full-time Political Leader, is not because of my journey on the two boats.

On the one hand, the state capital of Andhra Pradesh, on the other hand, Pawan Kalyan Pink remake movie photos are going viral. Power Star Pawan Kalyan 26 Movie Shooting Started .. Lauer Saab (Promotional Title) On Duty, Pawan Kalyan Photos In Pawan Kalyan’s Shooting Spot has gone viral on social media. Pawan Kalyan is currently going viral on social media. YSP supporters are trolling Pawan Kalyan in O Range as there is a name board related to heritage product. “Even here your boss (Chandrababu) has proven her slavery by promoting her .. Pawan Naidu playing Lawyer Saab in a range. This photo has been shared by the YCP series on social media.