It is positively quite true that Telangana is seeing an enormous spike within the variety of COVID positive cases with every passing day. however not several area unit observing the speed and share of recovery within the state.

As per a recent survey, and an editorial revealed by a number one news portal, Telangana is in 2d position within the recovery of COVID nineteen in Asian nation and Telangana isn’t within the list of high ten death rates.

Wow! this can be some excellent news to listen to and it’s time that individuals perceive what really is going on around them. they have to grasp that this state of affairs within the state and not panic if affected with the virus, however take necessary precautions and follow tips given by doctors to remain safe and recover before long.

Taking medication on time and correct diet can facilitate the positive patients flip negative before long, say specialists. Also, there’s another facet to the current story. it’s aforementioned that a number of the media homes area unit change of state up spare stories that area unit against the reality in Telangana and therefore the government handling COVID nineteen problems.

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Irrespective of all this, it’s necessary for the general public to remain safe as a result of the community transmission in Hyderabad has started already.