Tamil actor Harish Kalyan got married to Narmada in Chennai


Harish Kalyan is one of the leading young actors in Kollywood. He has recently finished acting in ‘One Hundred Kodi Vanavil’. After this, he is acting in the movie ‘Diesel’. Today on 28.10.2022, Harish Kalyan got married to Narmada Udayakumar, who was betrothed to him by his parents, at the GBN Palace wedding hall in Thiruvekkad, Chennai. Many screen celebrities and fans including Priya Bhavani Shankar, Bindu Madhavi, and others are congratulating their marriage on social media. And their wedding photos are now published on social media and are attracting the attention of many people.

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In a private ceremony today, Kollywood actor Harish Kalyan married Chennai-based businesswoman Narmada Udayakumar.  As the actor ties the mangalsutra, she can be seen folding her hands. Finally, Harish Kalyan kisses her on the cheek. The wedding took place at the GPN Palace in Thiruverkadu, Chennai, and the couple was beaming as they exchanged garlands.

At a press conference yesterday, the Tamil actor revealed details about his wedding. Harish Kalyan stated that it is an arranged marriage when asked if this is a love marriage or not. He mentioned, “The marriage is an arranged marriage. Her name is Narmada Udayakumar. We met through our families and liked each other and that’s how this journey started. I am happy to have such a life partner.”

Harish Kalyan is known for Sindhu Samaveli, Poriyaalan, Vil Ambu, and Pyaar Prema Kaadhal. He gained fame after his participation in the first season of Bigg Boss Tamil. He won as the second runner-up.