Tamil Actor Ajith helped Kannadigas who went on Badrinath trip; Here is an interesting story

Tamil star actor Ajith Kumar (Ajith Kumar) is known for many other things besides movies. He has pilot training. Bike riding. Recently, Ajith participated as a competitor in the 47th Tamil Nadu State Shooting Championship and won four gold medals. Now he has helped a Kannadigas. Ajith extended a helping hand to Manju Kashyap, a native of Mysore, who was returning after a trip to Badrinath. Manju spoke to TV9 Kannada Digital about this.

I went on a trip to Badrinath. BMW 1250 GSA bike passed while returning after the trip. I overtook that bike twice. I did not know that Tamil actress Ajith Kumar was on that bike. My bike tire was flat. This came to my attention. Before this, you were doing an organized trip. But, this time it was not like that. So, I had no bike equipment. I asked the BMW guy if he had an air compressor. Manju said that he was not near me, he was near the bike coming behind me.

It took five minutes for those behind to arrive. At that time I was standing talking to the man about the bike. We did not know that he was Ajith as the man was wearing a helmet. Bikers who were behind came. They also did not have an air compressor. They responded that there was a car coming behind them. I said sir you go. But he didn’t listen. Manju said that he will help you.

Those who came before were laughing. We were looking at the bike without seeing Ajith. Finally we both got to know each other. He introduced himself as Ajith. My friend got suspicious. Are you superstar Ajith? Ajith said yes to that. He was very simple. He himself sat down and saw the pressure of the bike tire. I liked the way he behaved,’ said Manju. Then both of them sat together and drank tea. Manju Kashyap shared these photos on social media.