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Swasth has launched a free mobile app based service for Corona Protection

Thousands of health service specialists have launched the platform Swasth Telemedicine for corona care. This system connects Indians digitally with the best doctors and wellness providers. Swasth is responding to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call for telemedicine to be a national priority.

This technology-powered mobile app-based service provides access to affordable and affordable healthcare services across the country to 130 million people, regardless of geographical or economic value. Swasth facilitates seamless communication between registered medical practitioners and patients through various means such as video and telephone. Swasth will also utilize a built-in intelligence-based priority set for caregiving.

Prescription and treatment advice will be provided with a digital signature. Currently, the app supports Hindi, English, and Gujarati. It will be expanded to 25 Indian languages. Chris Gopalakrishnan, who is part of Swasth Governing Council, said that Swasth is a free health service that brings together the best of the country and provides immediate relief to the crisis.
Swasth will continue to work towards achieving public health goals. He added that the current crisis is an opportunity for new start-ups in India’s health care sector. SWAST is a unique non-profit group of Indian healthcare professionals, including doctors, small hospitals, diagnostic labs, pharmacies, telemedicine systems, insurance companies, and healthcare technology companies.

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