‘Swapna and Shiva Shankar leaked space secrets’; CPI front page with allegations

Swapna and Shiva Shankar leaked space secrets

CPI front page Janayugam has expressed suspicion that Swapna Suresh and others arrested in the gold smuggling case have leaked India’s space secrets to foreign countries. Former Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister M Shivashankar visited the ISRO headquarters in Bengaluru with Swapna Suresh with malicious intent. The news that came in the Janayugam newspaper yesterday has given the view that it is the front page of the Congress today.

According to the Janayugam report, the National Investigation Agency has received more information regarding the leak of the space secret. Agencies such as the Central Intelligence Agency and RAW have passed information to the NIA. According to Janayugam News, the five – member NIA team arrived in Dubai on this basis.

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Swapna and Shiva Shankar leaked space secrets

According to the report, the NIA found that Swapna Suresh and M Shivashankar had been visiting Bengaluru regularly. Both have held discussions with senior scientists at ISRO. According to the NIA, the meeting took place at a one – star hotel on BEL Road.

In August 2019, a memorandum of understanding was signed between Sivashankar and S Somnath on behalf of ISRO for the space park project. Following this, 10th class girl Swapna was hired as a space park consultant with a monthly salary of around Rs 2.5 lakh. Following this, during visits to the ISRO headquarters in Bangalore, the NIA, Roy and the Central Intelligence Agency received evidence that space secrets had been leaked.