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Sushmita Sen wants to bring oxygen to hospitals in Delhi, saddened due to shortage

susmitha sen bring to oxygen

The second wave of Coronavirus has taken a dangerous form in the country. There is a huge shortage of beds and oxygen in hospitals, which is constantly being reported. Especially in many hospitals of Delhi, everyone is troubled by Oxygen Crisis. Actress Sushmita Sen is also saddened by this environment and has extended her hand for help and has also sought the help of the people in it.

Sushmita Sen has posted a post containing a video of ANI. In the video, Sunil Sagar, CEO of Shanti Mukand Hospital in Delhi, is telling how the oxygen crisis is getting bigger. Patients are being discharged due to a lack of oxygen. Due to the increasing rush of patients in many hospitals of Delhi, there is a sudden lack of oxygen. Due to Corona, the number of patients who have reached the critical stage has increased at this time. On April 22, the number of people who died in one day from Corona in Delhi crossed 300, which is the largest ever.

On this, Sushmita has written- It is heart-wrenching, there is a crisis of oxygen everywhere. I have arranged some oxygen cylinders for this hospital but I am not able to send them from Mumbai to Delhi, please help me in this work, find a way out. Let us know that in the case of Corona to Oxygen Crisis, many Bollywood stars are constantly tweeting. Some even arranged for cylinders and beds in many places. At the same time, many stars are coming forward to help actors, small and big celebs trapped in far-flung areas. Bed and oxygen, numbers for medicines, helplines are constantly being posted on social media.

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