Sushant Singh Rajput’s Blue Tick: Ex-Twitter India Chief Faces Backlash


In recent news, the ex-Twitter India Chief, Manish Maheshwari, faced backlash from late actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s fans over a remark he made regarding the blue tick mark on the actor’s Twitter account. Maheshwari questioned how the actor’s account had a blue tick despite Twitter CEO Elon Musk’s new policy, which requires verified people to pay for the blue tick subscription fee to continue receiving benefits.

This article will discuss the controversy surrounding the blue tick mark and its importance, the reason behind the ex-Twitter India Chief’s remark, and his subsequent clarification.

The Importance of the Blue Tick Mark on Twitter

The blue tick mark on Twitter is a symbol of authenticity and verification. It indicates that the account belongs to the person or organization it claims to be and that Twitter has verified it. Having a blue tick mark is essential for public figures and celebrities as it helps in building their credibility and provides a layer of security against impersonation.

Twitter’s New Policy and its Impact on Verified Accounts

Recently, Twitter CEO Elon Musk introduced a new policy requiring verified accounts to pay a subscription fee to maintain their blue tick verification. However, this decision has not gone down well with many celebrities and public figures in India, as many have lost their verification marks due to their non-compliance with the policy.

Ex-Twitter India Chief’s Remark and the Controversy Surrounding it

Amidst all the chaos surrounding the blue tick mark, Manish Maheshwari, the ex-Twitter India Chief, tweeted about late actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s blue tick verification. Maheshwari questioned how the actor’s account had a blue tick despite the new policy requiring payment for the subscription fee.

However, this tweet did not sit well with SSR fans, who accused Maheshwari of being insensitive and disrespectful towards the late actor. In response to the backlash, Maheshwari issued a clarification tweet stating that the intent behind his tweet was to highlight the confusion surrounding the blue tick mark and that he had great respect for the late actor.

Exceptions to the Blue Tick Mark Policy

It emerged that Twitter had decided to restore the blue tick mark for a few independent filmmakers for free if they had a follower count of one million or more. This action was taken even if some or all of them had not paid for subscriptions.