Surya Owns A Luxury Flat In Mumbai

After moving from Chennai to Mumbai, Tamil Super Hero Suriya also acquired a huge flat. It was news that Surya moved to Mumbai with his family. After that, a new luxury flat has also been acquired. According to reports, the actor has acquired a luxury flat worth 70 crores. Suriya has also acquired a luxury flat in an area where big businessmen and film stars live in Mumbai. The flat is 9000 sqft. The flat has a separate garden and parking facility for several cars.

At the same time, there are reports that the star’s parents and brother are ready to stay when they arrive. The new flat will be a place to celebrate children’s birthdays and family gatherings. There are also reports that the actor has found a new residence after looking at the educational facilities of his daughter Diya. But it was released last year. Vikram’s guest appearance was much appreciated. Surya came as the leader of the underworld. It was a role that the actor had not played before.