Surya-Jo who posted a photo with a fitness coach.. Is this the beauty secret?

Actor Suriya and Jyotika couple look good with the same look after years. They continue to impress the fans by playing excellent characters in movies. Photographs of them taking occasional hikes and other activities are being published on social media. Suriya continues to be a favorite hero of the fans by giving excellent films.

The success of his subsequent films has been celebrated by fans. Especially the role of Rolex in the recently released film Vikram has become a fan favourite. Even after 40 years of age, Suriya looks very fit. Fans are sniffing at him to see if his age will go into reverse gear. Not only him but also his love wife Jyothika is constantly proving that she is not relenting in this.

He has also acted in many films for his part. After getting married and taking a break from the cinema to raise children, Joe’s return to acting has become a tonic for his fans. Both of them are very focused on their fitness. From time to time, their hiking photos are published on social media and become viral. In that way, the photo released by both of them has received special attention.