Suriyas Movie Kanguva Nears Completion Final Shoot Schedule In Thailand With Director Siruthai Shiva And Team

“Kanguva,” an eagerly awaited Pan-Indian film featuring the talented Suriya in the lead role, is helmed by the accomplished director Siruthai Siva. The shooting for this epic commenced at the end of the previous year and has now reached its conclusive phase, with the final schedule taking place in the captivating locales of Thailand. This leg of the shoot encompasses the pivotal climax of the film and is planned to extend for the upcoming 25 days. Reports have indicated that the filming will unfold within the lush forests of Thailand, enhancing the film’s visual appeal. “Kanguva” is set to be released in an immersive 3D experience across 10 languages, promising an enthralling cinematic adventure. The storyline of “Kanguva” revolves around a periodical action drama, with Bobby Deol and Disha Patani portraying significant roles, adding depth and diversity to the narrative.

From the glimpses revealed so far, it’s apparent that “Kanguva” will showcase Suriya in a role that’s both new and unprecedented. The visuals and promotional posters suggest that the film delves into the lives of a tribal community known as Kanguva, offering a unique perspective and a captivating tale. The tagline, ‘Every wound has a story,’ hints at the depth and emotion that the film is set to explore. Devi Sri Prasad, a renowned music director, is set to infuse his artistry into the film’s soundtrack, elevating the cinematic experience. The cinematography is skillfully handled by Vetri Palanisamy, promising captivating visuals that complement the narrative seamlessly. Additionally, the dialogues, a critical component of the screenplay, are masterfully crafted by Madan Karki, adding depth and authenticity to the characters.