Suresh Gopi shares childhood photos of his son Gokul Suresh

Suresh Gopi is a good father and philanthropist. Many people have their say on Suresh Gopi who comes forward irrespective of caste, religion or politics, to help those in distress and to shed tears for those in distress.

The actor is now sharing the old pictures with his family on social media. In the picture is a son Gokul sitting with his father in his arms, laughing happily with his son Gokul.

His son Gokul has followed in the footsteps of his father. Gokul is an actor who has proved his talent in acting despite having only a few films. Actor and son are waiting for the screening of the movie together. There are rumors that Gokul and Suresh Gopi will be part of the super hit movie Auction. Suresh Gopi has confirmed that it is true.

‘Auction’ was one of the biggest hits of Suresh Gopi’s film career. Years later, the second part of the film is being directed by Nitin Ranji Panicker. The first part of the film was written by Joshi. Suresh Gopi enters the role of ‘Kochu Chakkocchi’ as the son of Chakkocchi in Anakkad. “It was a wish that Gokul’s childhood had been. When he was a child, he would call himself little chakachi. Suresh Gopi said, “Now it has become a reality.”

Suresh Gopi has returned to acting after a gap of four years. Suresh Gopi has made his comeback with films like ‘Tamilsarasan’ and ‘Varanan Needhamundam’. Suresh Gopi made his spectacular appearance in the movie ‘Varanne Neemandum’ directed by Anoop Sathyan’s son, Sathyan Anthikkad.

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