Suresh Gopi plays a role of a devoted police officer in the film ‘Paappan’.


Many years ago, people who have grown up watching Superstar Suresh Gopi starrers and the elder generation who fought for the tickets to his movies, would realize that the name Suresh Gopi will call up the essence of a loyal cop to us. Indeed, from a hovering companion to a romantic lover, Suresh Gopi has played everything in the cinema, however, there is a superb appeal when he plays the part of a cop. An appeal that cinèastes can never get enough of! Seems like Suresh Gopi will portray the role of cop indeed for the forthcoming film named ‘Paappan’.Suresh Gopi and GokulThe producers of the film have as of late launched the banner from the film, and Suresh Gopi is seen clad in the attire of a cop! What’s more, we can’t resist the urge to recognize that he is laying out major Bharathchandran vibes in the new avatar! For the unversed, Bharathchandran I.P.S is one of the remarkable roles played by Suresh Gopi.
“#Paappan second look! Coming soon to theatres,” the whiz inscribed, sharing the banner through his web-based media handles.

Look at the banner here!

Suresh Gopi will play the role of Abraham Mathew Mathan in ‘Paappan’. Cinephiles and fans have overflowed the banner with comments. They are invigorated to see Suresh Gopi back as a cop and the new banner has unquestionably increased the expectation for the film.

Helmed by Joshiy, ‘Paappan‘ is written by RJ Shaan. Since Suresh Gopi’s past joint efforts with movie producer Joshiy has brought about certain blockbusters like ‘Lelam’, ‘Pathram’, and ‘Vazhunnor’, the crowd are anxiously hanging tight for the release.


‘Paappan’ will likewise highlight actors Sunny Wayne, Nyla Usha, Neeta Pillai, and Gokul Suresh Gopi in important roles. ‘Paappan’ denotes Suresh Gopi’s first film with his son Gokul Suresh.