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Surabhi Lakshmi gives a surprise gift to a delivery boy

Surabhi Lakshmi's Surprise gift

Surabhi Lakshmi is a very popular actress among the Malayalees. The actress, who won a national award for her performance, gave a very different surprise to the delivery boy who came with the food. The actor shared the information prepared by Surprise with the fans but did not reveal what the surprise was. However, he said that he hid the surprise in the cups hidden on the table. Fans were also anxiously waiting for the food delivery boy to finally arrive. Surabhi revealed her plan when the boy came.

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The boy who comes with the food should open these cups. Open any cup and you will receive the prize inside. The video shows Surabhi revealing her surprise when the delivery boy arrives and picking up one of her favorite cups with the delivery boy. The video was viewed by thousands of people within hours of being put on YouTube.

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Source: Surabees

The actress has come up with such a surprise in connection with Surabhi’s latest short film ‘Food Path’. Surabhi was the creative director of this short film, which tells the story of a delivery boy who delivers food on time, day and night, in the rain and in the sun. The short film was released through Surabhi’s YouTube channel Surabees. Surabhi also posted this surprise gift video on the same channel.

Food Path Short Film

Source: Surabees

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