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Super Machi, featuring Kalyan Dhev and Rachita Ram hit the screens today just before Sankranti and is directed by Puli Vasu. Here is the audit.

Title: Super Machi

Cast: Kalyan Dhev and Rachitha Ram

Director: Puli Vasu

Super Machi Story

Raju (Kalyan Dhev) is a singer artist in a bar. He is an agreeable fellow and has a glad existence with his companions. Meenakshi (Rachita Ram), even subsequent to knowing Raju’s way of life, succumbs to him and anticipates that he should respond similar affections for her. In any case, that isn’t all. There is much more behind her affection for him. For what reason does Meenakshi love him and how is the whole plot of adoration associated with her dad (Rajendra Prasad) structures the core of the story.

When contrasted with his past film, Kalyan Dhev has improved as an entertainer and he performed well. The job most certainly fit him. He outperformed it with regards to showing feelings on screen. Additionally, seems as though he worked a ton on his dance moves and exchange conveyance all around well. Rachita, who made her debut in Tollywood with this flick has additionally given a nice performance. She needs to go through a great deal of agony to win over his life, and it is a greater amount of misery over bliss. Rachita’s introduction is unquestionably winning hearts. Posani Krishna Mural and Rajendra Prasad have likewise performed all around well.Super machi 1

There is a suspense aspect to this film but the director has focused more on the love angle between the lead actors and it overshadows the suspense part. The main hero’s role could have been raised somewhat more to make the portrayal holding and exciting. A smidgen of revamp on the content would have made great. Likewise, Kalyan’s endeavors would have succeeded assuming the director stayed away from the pointless parts in the film. The speed of the film is a little sluggish and the peak looks very surged for certain unanswered inquiries.

Thaman’s music, cinematography, and creation esteems are sufficiently nice to make the film look great. The basic grip and punch and thriller aspects the film needs are missing. Indeed, overall, this romantic show does not connect with as it does not have a solid highlight make the film intriguing.

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