Strict observance of lockdown in Indore, police apprehended 160 people wandering needlessly

Indore On March 22 at 5 pm in ‘Janta Curfew’, a group of youths who took a procession on Patnipura and Rajbada, took a mockery of Section 144 and took place in Indore in the country, taking a lesson from it to strictly follow the ‘lockdown’ on March 24. Indore police did not lag behind. In order to know the atmosphere of the city, people who came out inexplicably also lashed out, while in checking, 160 people wandering without work were caught.
There is a lockdown in Indore, given the threat of coronavirus which has become epidemic all over the world. Since the city laughed at the Escort Ajaccio negligence of the police on March 22, on Tuesday, the police did not take any softness. Of the youth who were roaming the city, 160 people were caught while checking.
From this morning, all the police in-charge were barricaded on the streets with the heavy police force and deployed in their areas from 8 am. Those who were unable to tell the proper way to get out on the road in violation of the rules despite the order of the administration, the police have asked the action to cancel the registration of the vehicles of such people to the RTO.
DIG of Indore Range Ruchivardhan Mishra also entered the fray. He said that the entire city has been locked down by the administration regarding the corona virus. In such a situation, if any person wanders on the streets without any reason or reason, he will be put in lockup. Those leaving for emergency and urgent work are being released only after giving proper reasons.
Mishra told that from 8 am we had given instructions to strictly follow the lockdown. The vehicles of about 160 Escort Chambery people who were unnecessarily traveling in the city were seized and their vehicle numbers have been sent to the RTO for suspension of their registration. This strictness will continue in this way.
The DIG has appealed that in this difficult time, it is time for all of us to live together at home and show solidarity against this fast-spreading epidemic, rather than unnecessarily roaming around and endangering the lives of other people of the city. Therefore, the police will now further tighten those who do not follow unnecessary rotations or lockdowns.
The doctors, bank workers, media workers, patient’s relatives, and priests also had to show ID.
DIG Mishra alerted all the officers on the wireless set on Monday night itself. No laxity will be Escort Brest tolerated on anyone about the lockdown, so police check on the roads from 8 am on Tuesday morning, without seeing the ID.
Those who had no reason to leave were immediately escorted by police to the police station. At the same time, standing on a few intersections, they noted the number of their vehicles and acted on them. IG Vivek Sharma and DIG Ruchi Vardhan Mishra along with their staff across the city kept checking the lockdown system.

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