Street fight between KSU and police in the capital; Several were injured and the girls were rounded up and beaten.

Thiruvananthapuram: Expressing sympathy to the striking employees, the KSU secretariat clashed in March. Police surrounded and beat up people, including girls. KSU state vice-president Sneha was critically injured in the head by police. The KSU activists threw chairs and sticks at the police after the police blocked their attempt to jump inside the secretariat.

The protest, which started about three weeks ago from a small sit-in protest outside the state government headquarters, is now growing proportionately.

“We thought the government would take care of our needs, but they ignored us and labeled us politically motivated,” he said.

The Last Grade Servant Rank Holders Association, which is agitating in front of the Secretariat, has decided to put more pressure on the state government because members have decided to start an indefinite fast from February 22 if their demands are not met.