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Stock Market Recap 21-25 Oct – Market Is Moving Up To New Highs Next Week?

welcome back financial investors my nameis Brent and today we’re going to be doing our weekly recap going over thethree main indexes the SPD Dow Jones the Nasdaq we’re also going to be looking atthe m11 finance Roth IRA and taxable account performance over the past weeklooking at what stocks paid out dividends and then kind of getting up tospeed as far as where our portfolios currently am and what dividends wereceived in September in October because I haven’t made a whole bunch of videoscovering our one month recap for September so I figured today would be areally good day to kind of just do a quick recap of that so that is whatwe’re going to be covering in today’s video if you have not yet subscribed tothe channel I would HIGHLY appreciate it if you do hit the subscribe button belowand if you do enjoy this video find a help we’ll hit the thumbs up and if youhave any comments or questions going over this video the stock market or justanything in general drop it into the comment section below and let’s go aheadand get into the video so this week we currently have the sp500 performance up1.

2 2% for the 5 d change we can see here that we are breaking almost to somenew all-time highs we did close slightly below the all-time high there of 30 28so we are just 6 points below a lot of investors are believing that next weekwe will be breaking highs right now Friday it looked like it was going to bebreaking some they to some new all-time highs but investors or a little bitcautious going into the weekend so they took it and the market just kind ofcooled off towards the end of the day and that is why going into next week alot of investors believe that we will see through the progression of next weekthat we will see some all-time highs at some point next week so right now S&P500 is up currently twenty point five seven percent year-to-date jump it overinto the Dow Jones basically the same performance year on Friday I’m kind ofsimmered there towards the top didn’t quite break and then kind of calmed downfor the end of the day and again a lot of investors are believing next week theDow Jones will break to some new all-time highs the Dow Jones right nowis in third place following the Nasdaq and first at twenty four point two threethe SP and second at twenty point five seven and the Nasdaq at fifteenpoint five six percent there so Nasdaq as we just kind of covered is the winnercurrently as far as here today up twenty four point two threethe five-day change of one point nine Dow Jones I kind of missed that pointseven so as far as the weekly change the Nasdaq has some really good performanceI’m not sure if that was due to part with like Intel and a few othercompanies you know the tech sector outs are kind of driving this higher them butthey are definitely out in the lead here for the week now jumping from therecovering the three main indexes we’re going to go ahead and cover the Roth IRAnow now as far as overall performance this account is up twenty three pointsix six percent over the lifetime of the account if we take just a look at theweek here we are actually kind of simmered at a point for two percentreturn for the week having made roughly seventy six dollarsand thirty four cents and three dollars and fifty five cents of that was fromsitting through a dividend that’s going ex-dividend and i am going to get paidout in the future three dollars and fifty five cents from some companythat’d be nice if you were too high on a highlight over this and to kind of showyou what company is actually going to be paying you out in the future now for theone week if we go ahead and scroll down now we’ve kind of see what stocksperform really well and we’ll scroll down and see what stocks perform not sowell so Avery and ascent is up 7% here on the week followed right behind bycaterpillar which is actually I see a lot of investors were surprised of thisone you know industrial this one’s getting really hammered due to the tradewar between China and the US but now it’s kind of China being in the US thelast few weeks and potential trade deal they have been kind of breaking higherso this is up five point six seven percent we did buy caterpillar I believea few weeks ago so that definitely helped out the portfolio and Las Vegashands there is our third place winner at five point six one percent so thosethree are my top winners of the week scrolling down to our top losers of theweek we have in third place AT&T down three point four five percentbut really this is not bad AT&T was in a pretty bad position about twenty sixtwenty seven dollars a few months ago and they’re going through a lawsuit witha lot of investors blaming them for losing all their capital now AT&T hasshot some near new all-time highs here thiscompany is trading at $36 so that’s nearly a $10 difference there in thecourse of just a year Kimberly Clark is our second place loser down three pointfive nine percent there on the week and our worst performer of the week isGeneral Mills down three point eight one percent I would really like GeneralMills to continue falling even further if we take a look at the performance ofGeneral Mills over the lifetime of this account it is still positive up twentyfour percent so we would have to drop quite a bit for it to go negative in youcome but I would really like it because I would definitely would like to addmore capital into this position in order to get it to that $800sort of value that I have set to get all of these positions up to so those are mythree winners my three losers of the week and we can kind of if you wouldlike to kind of pause the video take a look at the performance of the othercompanies within the portfolio for the week and go ahead and do so as I goahead and scroll through here and then from here we’re gonna go ahead and jumpover into the activity now I wanted to kind of cover some of the activity fromback in September because we did not do our weekly recap so we’ll go ahead andpunch in our September dates the first of September through the 30th ofSeptember if we take a look at just dividends alone we’ll see here that wegot paid a ton of dividends from Pfizer four dollars and 13 cents we’ll go aheadI won’t name these little off because when I’m watching other investors kindof name off every single holding that they receive dividends from it justbecomes a chore so you guys can go ahead and pause the video look at whatcompanies actually paid out and then I will give you the grand total here overon the spreadsheet that I have so it’s quite a bit of dividends right therealone for September I updated this so we received 16 different dividend payoutsin the month of September that means for every second day I received some sort ofdividend from a company for a grand total in September of fifty sevendollars and 57 cents so without having to go out and work i generated fiftyseven dollars and fifty-seven cents from this account and that’s really good thisis in its second year of this accountworking for itself and kind of building into itself so just imagine in the nextfive 10 15 years as you’re getting ready to use the capital in this account itwill be generating monthly income of anywhere from five to a thousand dollarspossibly in the future plus you have other accounts out there such as for oldthe 401 K Z Roth 401 KS you have your pensions you have your Social Securityand it all kind of wraps together and helps you in your retirement phase sothose are the dividends for September now kind of going in and taking a lookhere at the dividends that paid out this month we’ll go ahead and punch in ourcurrent date there we are so the current dividends that we havereceived in the month of October a little bit smaller list we are endingOctober here fairly quickly fairly soon next week is our last week of October soI’ll be trying to do a one month recap for October but here’s a sneak peak soso far we have kimberly-clark ultrium Cardinal health and for others nowreally quickly you can see here that their numbers are not going to be addingup to about $57 such as we did in September but so far from the numbersthat I have added in we’ve made $36.

66 which is fairly nice for the month ofOctober I know a lot of investors there one for seven and tenth month of theyear are generally their lowest that is because there’s not a number a largeamount of companies that pay dividends in those months so we have covered thedividends we’ve covered the performance of the portfolio here over the last fewdays and months if we go ahead and just look at the trading alone I don’t likethat they change this way of viewing it because now you can’t visually see whatcompanies you bought you have to click into this so are on October 2nd we havethree buys we don’t know what they are until you click into them and now youcan see the a/v tanker factory outlet and Eaton Vance for purchase back onOctober 2nd now if you want to see how many shares of a specific company youbought you have to click into it even more and if you go into the escape ordone it kicks you all the way back so if you were you kind of forgotwhere you were as far as what company or what day you were kind of looking at asfar as what your days where buys were it kind of messes you up there a little bitso of course on my spreadsheet down towards the bottom outside of kind ofkeeping track of my portfolio performance and shares and all the otherinformation down towards the bottom actually record my buys what days Ibought on the companies that I purchased the shares the cost basis the currentdividend that I purchased them with and it shows my current return as ofpurchasing in those shares so since I purchased Tanger factory outlet back onthe 9th of October it has had a 18.

9 7% return from when I purchased thatcompany and you can see the other performances performance of thecompanies there that I bought in the live data there if I go back inSeptember I had the exact same thing being shown here all the performance ofall my buys them for September and October so back in October we werebuying up quite a bit of companies now this down 6.

6 – that is not too bad Ibelieve Simon Property Group it’s actually negative right now but they’veonly been negative for a small amount of time and I’m kind of excited because Idon’t have this position quite at $800 and it is offer I mean now thatopportunity where it’s in the negative and I can average down any current yieldof 5.

4% so this is my live data so this information here right now is current sothis is actually you know pretty good being able to buy into a wreath and geta certain yield of 5.

4% and this one’s currently paying me out roughly $40 peryear or nine dollars and 60 cents per pay cycle per quarterI lost the function to import the the information from I was using the Nasdaqwebsite but I went ahead and I asked on dividend comm on Facebook groups of thattracks dividends and it was Jason from Jason investing Channel I can’t j-macinvesting j-mac investing helped me out he go went ahead and gave me someinformation that allows me to import fromby serve website so here we can see that we’ve had a dividend increase that isnot an actual change that’s just probably some fractional change therethat it’s kind of noticing so here we have Lockheed Martin that went frompaying 8 dollars and 80 cents per year per share to now nine dollars and 60cents that’s an eight point seven percent increase there I didn’t have todo that’s a higher increase per year then you will get at a position at workso generally you’ll get a two 3% raise possible work to kind of keep you upwith inflation this is a nearly 9 percent raise from this company heredown towards the bottom we have Eaton Vance given us a nearly seven percentraise there from a dollar 40 per share to now a dollar fifty per share I dohave to find out how to import the ex-dividend dates and the the recordingdates not so important in the payment dates I would really like to know whenthe companies are going extended so I kind of plan my buys a little bit easierwithout having their to go manually look up the ex-dividend dates and I wouldalso like to know when I would get paid from those specific companies so that iscurrently where we are with the portfolio so I think we are doing reallywell I really like the performance of this this portfolio we have producedover the last nearly two years January will be tears this portfolio hasgenerated six hundred and twenty nine dollars and thirty-nine cents of juststraight dividends and this is not including the current dividends of$36.

66 so really we’re about at six dollars six hundred and sixty dollarsand some change of this account just kind of producing dividends and our baseinvestment sitting throughout around maybe 17,000 I think I’d have to this isnot current so this is something I’ll update here towards the end of Octoberso that is it for today’s video that was covering the sp500 performance theNASDAQ and Dow Jones performance over the past week we also looked at our RothIRA account performance over the past week and we’ll quickly look at thetaxable count but it just tracks the S&P 500 performance and it’s not anythingmajor so S&P 500 was up over the five-day change onepoint two two this is saying but over on Meryl I’m sorry not Merrill edge em onefinance this is give me a one-week performance of 0.

5 to so maybesomething’s just slightly off here as far as how this is kind of tracking theweekly performance so this is invested in just the S&P 500 so I should begetting roughly almost the same performance from the index by investingin this Vanguard S&P 500 fund and this one does have some cash of two dollarsand 47 cents that is because this month on October 1st the etf paid out 2dollars and 47 cents which I will go ahead and reinvest that right now withyou guys on this video by just punching in ten dollars which is our minimum buyso it’ll just kind of that’s the minimum you have to punch in there and on thenext buying cycle it’ll buy up to two dollars and 47 cents of ticker symbol vuinto this account so that is it for today’s video if you guys did enjoy thisvideo again hit the like button below give it a big thumbs up if you have anyquestions go on over to this account the Roth IRA stock market in general let meknow in the comment section below and of course if you have not yet subscribe butenjoy the content come back every week or enjoy my videos definitely hit thatsubscribe button below I would appreciate you just kind of join it onand leaving some comments and yeah all that fun stuff so that is it for today’svideo thank you all for tuning in I will see you next time have a great day bye.

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