Statement again against Shiva Shankar; The chartered accountant said that the locker was taken as per the instructions of Shivashankar

Statement by Venugopal Iyer, Chartered Accountant, Enforcement Directorate, for Shivashankar in the gold smuggling case. Venugopal Iyer told the Enforcement Directorate that Shivshankar had asked him to start a bank locker with his dream. Shivashankar had clarified that he was not asked to take the locker.

Swapna Suresh

Accused in the case, gold Swapna Suresh kept the gold and the money in the bank. It was Shivashankar who suggested taking the locker here. Shivashankar had come to his office with a dream to pick up the locker.


He also talked about financial matters. According to Venugopal Iyer, the two returned after spending hours. Earlier, Venugopal Iyer had given a statement to the NIA. If it is found that Sivashankar knew more information, he will be questioned again by the Enforcement Directorate.

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