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Cyber ​​attack on Prithviraj, the stars who support Prithvi

stars against cyber attack for prithviraj

Cyberattack on Prithviraj intensifies over open statement on Lakshadweep issue Many reactions to Prithviraj insulting him personally. Now the Malayalam actors are also supporting Prithviraj on the issue. Aju Varghese, Jude Antony, Mithun Manuel, VT Balram, Anthony Varghese, and many others came out in solidarity with Prithviraj. Director Mithun Manuel has expressed his support for Prithviraj by saying that Raju Bro Allelum Chumma Kidu.

Aju Varghese – When someone makes a clear comment, the answer is not obscenity. Let the controversies change and the debates come!

Jude Antony- Prithviraj is a man who has always been very polite and open about his views. The jealous personality who lived his dreams one by one. The man who responded to the mob attacks years ago with movies without paying the price may be laughing at all these cyber attacks that are taking place now. Society is just for those with positions.

Arun Gopi- If you have ever been on the edge of the word ‘culture’, you have to correct these phrases because what else can you expect from the ‘people’ of Lakshadweep

Shias Kareem- What kind of media role is it to speak out against a commenter’s father and family? Expresses strong disagreement. With Prithviraj’s comment.

VT Balram- The Sangh Parivar’s news channel’s direct manhunt against actor Prithviraj for commenting on the Lakshadweep issue cannot be accepted for any reason. The channel not only attacked him personally but also branded the people of Lakshadweep as jihadists at once. Prithviraj’s voice of dissent was heard loud and clear as many other celebrities hid their heads in the safe havens of silence. It is the voice of all of us who believe in the federal democracy of India. We cannot allow the use of the ruling class media to silence cultural activists.

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