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SS Rajamouli couldn’t work with Pawan Kalyan, check the reason!!


SS Rajamouli, being India’s perhaps the most well-known director, has been occupied with advancing his forthcoming Telugu film ‘RRR‘ (‘Roudram Ranam Rudhiram’).


During a new media communication, Rajamouli had spoken intricately on every one of the inquiries posed by his fans and the media. Considering the way that Pawan Kalyan is perhaps the greatest star in the south movie industry, Rajamouli was asked with regards to coordinating Telugu’s ‘Force star’.


Rajamouli basically replied, “I truly love Pawan Kalyan”. He continued, to disclose why things neglected to appear and how both went their ways of accomplishing their own advantages.


“In the underlying occasions in my career, I made an honest effort to think of a story for Pawan Kalyan. I generally had that purpose to guide him. We even had short discussions, where I had referenced with regards to us cooperating”, the ‘Baahubali‘ director said.

“Later, I decided that I need to come out of my comfort zone and start making movies, which give much more than just a mass-masala entertainer does. At that point in time, Pawan got busy with his political interests. Hence, our paths diverged,” Rajamouli clarified.

Rajamouli made India’s most renowned movie like the ‘Baahubali’ series. With ‘RRR’, he unites the greatest Telugu heroes – Ram Charan and NTR. ‘RRR’ got a troupe projected that incorporates Bollywood entertainer Alia Bhatt. ‘RRR’ is to hit screens worldwide on January 7, 2022


PEN Studios has bagged the theatrical distribution rights across North India and has also bought worldwide electronic rights for all languages. Pen Marudhar will be distributing the film in the North Territory.

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