Sreenivasan clarified who is his favorite actress

Urvashi is the favorite actress of actor Sreenivasan. In a recent interview, Sreenivasan criticized many stars, but the actor shared only good memories about the actress Urvashi. When asked about her favourite heroine, Sreenivasan said that she is Urvashi. The two actors have worked together in many Malayalam films. An example of this is the movie The Witch and the Witch. As soon as the video of Sreenivasan saying that Urvashi is his best heroine went viral on social media, many people came up with comments under this video. Earlier, Urvashi had praised Sreenivasan on Rimi Tomy’s chat show. Urvashi was asked by Rimi Tomy who is the most beautiful actor among Mohanlal, Mammootty, Suresh Gopi, Jayaram and Jagadish. Urvashi then asked Rimi why she left Sreenivasan. Rimi Tomy laughed when she was told that Sreeniyettan is the most handsome hero. But it was repeated. Sriniyettan had more value than any chocolate hero. He has acted with all the top heroines. Whatever the character, Sreeniyettan is still okay. Urvashi had said at that time that we do not have even a single thorn.

At the same time, the film world has given Sreenivasan a respectable position even today. Sreenivasan is an Indian film actor, screenwriter and producer known for his works in Tamil cinema. Sreenivasan, the superstar of Malayalam cinema, has been receiving rave reviews for his performance in the movie. Sreenivasan’s films had a special place among family audiences. And it’s always been that way, to this day. Sreenivasan, on the other hand, never shies away from voicing his opinion against top stars and criticising superstars. Remarkably, that has not changed to this day. Even in a recent interview, Sreenivasan made some comments that irked the fans of actors Mohanlal and Mammootty. Sreenivasan had revealed that the dialogue ‘My head, my full figure’ in the movie ‘Udayanathanathara’ was meant for Mammootty. The issue was also widely discussed on social media. Sreenivasan has repeatedly mocked and accused actor Mohanlal. It is a known fact that Sreenivasan is not the kind of actor who says nice things about anyone in general. It is also interesting to note that there is no leading actor in Malayalam who has spoken openly about Mohanlal and Mammootty like Sreenivasan. Sreenivasan is not active in his career today due to health issues. Fans want to see the old Sreenivasan in films again after overcoming health issues.