‘If the reason is revealed, no one will watch the serial anymore’, Sooraj about Padatha Painkili

Sooraj about Padatha Painkili reason-is-revealed

There is a question that fans have been asking Sooraj for the last few days. Why did you go from unsung to pink ?. Singing Paingkili is one of the favorite series of miniscreen audiences. Sooraj plays the role of Deva in the series. Sooraj has not been seen in the series for a few days. With this, the fans became worried. So far it is not clear whether he has withdrawn from the series or why he is leaving, but he is giving some answers to the doubts of the fans through social media. It tells the story of an orphan girl Kanmani in the unsung ping pong that tops the ratings. Although the newcomers play the central characters, there are many senior players in the series. Manisha arrives as Kanmani.Sooraj about Padatha Painkili reason-is-revealed

“I need some time to answer the question everyone is asking. I will overcome that time. I will not miss your question,” Sooraj said. Fans also say that they will not watch the series if Suraj does not appear as Deva. ‘If it is revealed now that he has withdrawn from the serial, no one will watch the serial from tomorrow. That is why it is not mentioned. We are now hoping that Suraj will come. Do you want to leave after the new person arrives? ‘Sooraj about Padatha Painkili reason-is-revealed

Meanwhile, a hundred discussions are taking place via social media. While some say that actor Sreenish was found to be a god, the other side argues that it is not possible. Also, in view of the Kovid situation, there are rumors circulating on social media as to whether there will be a serial broadcast in the coming days. Amidst the verdicts that Sreenish is unlikely to come, the rumors that another newcomer will be joining Kanmani are also heating up on social media. In any case, there has been no official announcement from the serial organizers.