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Sonu Sood : The Real Hero

Though basically a Bollywood actor, Sonu Sood has also acted in Kannada, Telugu and Tamil cinemas and has a huge following in South India.  Sonu Sood, an actor, producer and model, has stood up to help people in distress since Lockdown began.

Sonu Sood has became a real hero of Karnataka by helping Migrant Workers to reach home , they were from Karnataka  stuck in Maharashtra, Sonu Sood arranged 10 buses to send them back home. The actor also helped Bihar based migrant workers in Maharashtra by arranging a train travel for them to get back to their hometown.

As the Weather forecast has announced that Mumbai will be effected by Nisarga storms, as a precaution so 28,000 people living in the Mumbai coastal area have been evacuated to a safety place.

“According to PTI News Agency, today everyone is in a dilemma. In this case, we need to support one another. In this backdrop, my team and I have rehabilitated more than 28,000 people Mumbai coastal areas and rehabilitated them in various schools and colleges and also have provided food for them.  In addition, 200 Assam migrants are trapped in a natural cyclone and sent back to their hometown,” Sonu Sood said.

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