Sonu Sood replies to the fan who demanded 1 crore


Sonu Sood was most active in helping people during the pandemic. He took thousands of people home during the lockdown. He was also seen arranging employment for many needy people. Sonu is very active on social media and gives personal answers to those seeking help. Sonu Sood’s social accounts are flooded with appeals for help every day. However, sometimes some strange requests are made by the fans. During this, he does not miss to tweet funnily.

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First person asked him for ₹ 1 crore. A Twitter user wrote to Sonu, ‘Sir please give me ₹ 1 crore.’ Sonu reacted and told him, ‘Just ₹ 1 crore? You could have asked for more.

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    Another Twitter user asked, ‘Sir will you give me a role in your next film.’ Sonu urged him to become a real-life hero and said, ‘There is no bigger role than helping someone. Do this role, then there is no other hero than you.Sonu
    The Bollywood actor, Sonu Sood studied engineering before starting his career in acting. Then traveled from South Cinema to Bollywood. Sonu Sood is not only known for his strong acting, but he has also been receiving praises for his body and fitness. Sonu Sood is a fitness freak person. He regularly goes to the gym and works out for 2 hours. At the same time, he keeps changing his exercise every week. Sonu Sood’s workout routine includes 20 minutes of cardio exercises. At the same time, for abs, he works out for 20 minutes. Also, do jogging for 40 minutes. When he goes out for shooting and is unable to do the gym, he runs or goes for a long walk.