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Sonam Kapoor advised people to avoid corona virus, due to which trolls started happening

Sonam Kapoor Stills
Sonam Kapoor Stills

All Bollywood celebs have put themselves on isolation due to Corona virus. Sage celebrities are trying to make people aware through social media so that they do not fall prey to corona. Actress Sonam Kapoor also tried something similar, but she started being trolled. However, Sonam has also given a befitting reply to the trollers.   

Actually, Sonam has released a video on her Twitter account and appealed to people to be safe. In the video, Sonam said, ‘Namaskar Corona virus, I appeal to you to take care of some things to protect yourself and others. Do not travel by train unless necessary. Where there is more congestion at railway stations and platforms, the risk of spreading the effect is also high. Therefore, to protect yourself and others, avoid visiting these places. Postpone your train journeys.

Next, Sonam said that wherever you are, stay there. This step of yours will prevent the corona from spreading. Sonam Kapoor’s no-makeup look is seen in this video. One user said, what is the situation? The other said, you look sick. Another user wrote that she has done so much makeup. In this way, Sonam is being trolled with comments. 



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