Some People Take Me For Granted Meena Says On Marriage News


Meena is an actress who has equal fans in Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu. If you look at it in Malayalam, the actress has acted in many movies. The actress has acted with all the leading actors like Mohanlal Mammoot. The actor’s husband died recently. After that, the actress came back on the mini screen and big screen. It was a big surprise. There was gossip that the actress is going to get married again just a few months after the death of her husband. It is said that Meena is preparing for her second marriage due to the insistence of her family members. As reported by some Telugu media. It was also reported that the actress was taking this decision for her daughter. It was said that Meena has agreed to the marriage and that the actor is marrying a family friend who is a businessman.

Meena responded to this and came to the scene. ‘I still can’t believe my husband is gone. I don’t understand how such news can be spread by then.” If the stories are good, I will focus on acting in films. Meena said that she will give my daughter a good future, this is her goal which is important to me. Yes, Meena has revealed how much this has affected her daughter. Meena said this in an interview with Asianet News. I don’t know where the gossip comes from. And everyone knows that nothing will happen so quickly at this time. I don’t understand how it feels to say that.