Some of us might have similar likes and dislikes ; You never know ! – Kavya Ajit

Play back singer and violinist Kavya Ajit has been making waves on the Internet with her new personalised vlog series on her YouTube channel Kavya Ajit . The young musician has always been up for new and exciting things .

She loves to explore her interests apart from singing and constant changes , big or small , keep her going as an artist .

“I wanna make myself both entertaining and useful to my audience in a good way . The best part of being an artist is that art is never restricted as long as you make your audience happy. It is habitual for people to talk about something they liked to their friends . In this series , Kavya talks about everything she likes to a much larger group of friends – YOU .

She ensures that everybody out there will find something of his or her interests in the series ; no matter who you are , where you are from or how old you are .