Social Media is a way to express opinions – Srinda

Social Media is a way for creativity and for expressing opinions and opinions. At the same time, some people have a place of negativity and disgust. I don’t usually respond to bad comments or messages. It is because I think it does not affect me. It is most affected by people who type and post it on their own phone to get the attention of others.

It looks like this is a kid from this guy’s profile. I have a habit of putting obscene comments below my photo. It has Porno Geschichten crossed the threshold. Following his comments, many others have commented on the issue. Thank you for being with me. But in my profile I cannot allow such tendencies. It is my decision as to what I should wear. It is up to you to put pornography in bad language. But it is no longer allowed in my profile. It should stand. Learn to respect yourself. You yourself. Around you. What you eat. We need to help find these account holders and take action against them. ‘

The ‘children’ are drowning in accounts after the complaint comes to light. Actresses Prayaga GeschichtenMartin, Meera Nandan and singer Ranjini Jose praised the actress for her work. According to Ranjini Jos, such slander through social media should be brought before the law. Actress Meera Nandan had earlier raised her voice against such obscene remarks.