Social Media Have Complained Widely That Friend Requests Are Going To Unwanted Profiles On Facebook


Friend request to visited profiles. Facebook has fixed the problem. People on social media have complained widely that friend requests are going to unwanted profiles on Facebook. Most of the people expressed their concern about privacy and criticized Facebook. According to the report released by the Android Authority, the friend request was automatically going to that profile from the user visiting someone else’s profile. The situation was that the request was going before even clicking anywhere on the screen. The highly criticized was that Facebook’s malfunction was compromising the user’s privacy. But Facebook is responding to the incident by saying that the bug was fixed after noticing the bug. Facebook said in a statement that it has fixed the problem and apologized to customers.

It is noteworthy that this lapse in privacy standards comes at a time when complaints of scamming on Facebook are on the rise. Several verified profiles have been reported to have been hacked and their URLs changed in recent times. Pages followed by hundreds of thousands of people were hacked. Many celebrities have shared information about losing their official page in this way.