Slowly, his talk only about my body, Soubhagya about her ex-love!

Soubhagya Venkitesh about her breakup reason

The only daughter of actor Rajaram and actress and dancer Tara Kalyan, Saubhagya has nothing to introduce to the audience. Fans are particularly keen to know the highlights of the audience’s favorite star through Tik Tok. The actress had married her friend Arjun a few days back. Their wedding was turned into a social media celebration. Now he has a love affair before and is sharing more stories of love with his fans. The actor said,

Soubhagya Venkitesh Marriage Date

First, I met him through Facebook. He had a special fascination with being a gymnast. So that friendship turned into love. As soon as love started he started giving me every suggestion as a lover. I studied in a girls-only place and had no experience of interacting closely with boys. I got a suggestion from him to give up even social media. I thought all the boys would be like this. Yet I gave up everything and I loved him sincerely.

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Orders kept coming back again and again. Not only that, but father and mother had come somewhere for his consent. But I more love for him, I began to obey him. Gradually his gaze became only on my body. Looking my body and saying that you are terribly fat and lacking in beauty, you started to eat only certain foods and tightened your daily restrictions. Then he started talking to me about dowry. That’s how I said no to that relationship.

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