Since January first SBI Magnetic Strip Card Abandoned and totally change into the EMV chip card


If you’re a banking company of Bharat client and still have your previous charge account credit in use, then you need to give ear. you’d have to be compelled to modification your mag tape debit cards to a lot of evolved and secure EMV Chip and PIN-based cards by thirty-one December. The bank expressed that the mag tape Debit Cards would be useless from Gregorian calendar month one. you’ll be able to update your card from your home branch by day.

“Apply currently to alter your mag tape Debit Cards to the safer EMV Chip and PIN-based mostly SBI charge account credit at your home branch by thirty-first December 2019. Safeguard yourself with warranted credibility, bigger security for on-line payments and added security against fraud,” the bank tweeted. In view of the continued frauds on tape Cards, it’s planned to deactivate these cards by thirty-one.12.2019 (irrespective of validity amount of the card).

just in case any SBI client has not received the new EMV Chip card, they’re requested to approach


his/her home branch,” the bank same. The process of adjusting tape cards to EMV Chip cards is free, the bank explicit. You can apply for the new cards on varied channels as well as internet banking, SBI’s Yono App or directly from the house branch. In case charges are levied, you’ll be able to request a refund at the branch at the side of the proof of the fees levied.

You must confine the mind that the present address is updated within the account. just in case the

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present address isn’t updated to your address, the cardboard is sent to the registered address. “Before applying, please make sure that your current address is updated in your account because the card is shipped to the registered address solely,” SBI said.