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Simbu Will Be Forgiven There Is A Reason For That  What Nayanthara Revealed?

South Indian lady superstar Nayantara is the personal pride of Malayalis. Nayantara, who came to the mini screen as an anchor and later played the heroine of Jayaram in the film “Manassinakare” directed by Sathyan, has shone as the heroine of all the superstars of Malayalam cinema. Nayantara came to foreign language films very quickly.

The actor first appeared in glamor roles in foreign language films. Thus, the star who earned her own place in the cinema later won the title of Lady Superstar of South Indian cinema by portraying strong female characters. Nayantara is one of the highest-paid actors in South Indian cinema today.

A controversial heroine in the early days, Nayantara was in the gossip columns due to her romance with Tamil actor Chimpu and actor-dancer director Prabhu Deva. Nines ended both romantic relationships by creating a commotion in the film world. There were a lot of controversies when a kissing picture of simbu and Nayantara came out together. It was at this time that Nayan Tara Prabhudeva ended her relationship and returned to the cinema. A media reporter once asked if Nayanthara would forgive Prabhudeva the way she had forgiven Chimpu. The star’s reply came immediately.