Shraddha Kapoor and Rohan Shrestha to get married soon? This is what Aunt Padmini Kolhapure needs to say


Shraddha Kapoor, who was occupied with going for Luv Ranjan’s next project with Ranbir Kapoor, has consistently figured out how to stay quiet about her own life. Sometimes, the bits of gossip about her supposed sentiment with the superstar photographic artist Rohan Shrestha continue to do the rounds, however, the couple has stayed quiet about something similar.

Rohan Shreshta with Shraddha Kapoor
Rohan Shreshta with Shraddha Kapoor

Prior to March this year, Shraddha was seen going to her cousin Priyaank Sharma’s wedding in the Maldives. During the festivals, Rohan’s photos and recordings from the wedding became famous online on the web which added fuel to their supposed relationship. Shraddha was even seen praising her birthday with him in the Maldives and their comfortable pictures were all around the web. Presently, Shraddha’s auntie and entertainer Padmini Kolhapure and Priyaank Sharma have responded to the reports.


In a meeting with the main gateway, the mother-son duo spilled the beans at Shraddha and Rohan’s wedding. Priyaank said that he has nothing to comment on it. But he further added, “If you say looking forward to it, then obviously, weddings are good to look forward to.” On the other hand, Padmini said that if Shraddha plans to get married then everyone will come to know.


Rohan’s dad had spoken about Shraddha. He had said, “they have numerous normal companions in Juhu. The two of them are doing as such well in their expert lives, so any choice they take about being together will likewise be a reasonable and full-grown one.” Reacting to the wedding reports, he had said, “On the off chance that they choose to wed one another, I will cheerfully thoroughly take care of them. The word ‘complaint’ doesn’t exist in my word reference. What’s more, allowed me to advise you, I call Rohan as ‘My Dream’, I once in a while address him as ‘Rohan’.