Shocking Resignation Director Ramasimhan Abubakar Leaves BJP Revealing Insider Secrets

Director Ramasimhan Abu Bakar, also known as Ali Akbar, has announced his resignation from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). He was a member of the party’s state committee and had previously vacated all his posts within the party. Ramasimhan made his resignation clear through a Facebook post, where he stated that he has completely severed his ties with the party.

In the Facebook post, Ramasimhan emphasized that he is not bound to any political ideology and asserted his independence. He shared a picture of his shaved head, explaining that he had fulfilled a promise he made when Kummanam Rajasekharan lost. Below the post, he explicitly mentioned his departure from the BJP. This move comes after director Rajasenana and actor Bheeman Raghu also resigned from the BJP recently. Ramasimhan’s resignation adds to the list of individuals from the film industry who have distanced themselves from the party.