Shilpa Bala’s Youtube channel trending with 10K subscribers in a week

Shilpa Bala’s YouTube channel “Yours Truly Shilpa Bala” has 10K subscribers in a week. The channel are getting huge acceptance from the fans and lovers. Shilpa got more than 10K subscribers through 3 videos. Shilpa Bala is a Malayalam actress who came to Malayalam cinema with the film Orkkuka Vallapozhum. Shilpa is also the actor who got the opportunity to do the first film with very talented actor Thilakan.

Since then, she has acted in films like Chemistry and Agathan. Apart from appearing in films, the actor has won the hearts of the audience many times as an anchor. Shilpa became the darling of the miniscreen audience when she made her debut on the reality show Comedy Express aired on Asianet. Shilpa is very active on social media,  Images, and videos shared by Shilpa on social media quickly gain attention. She became favouites to all the movie lovers.The actress is decide to make another turning point in her life through a Youtube channel and that become a greater success.

Shilpa has garnered a lot of attention on social media. Shilpa has introduced the name of her new YouTube channel in a very interesting video. Fans have also come out with congratulations to Shilpa for her new channel in a different way.

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