Shilpa Bala’s holiday trip with her family in Wayanad, watch video

Shilpa Bala is one of the most popular television presenter of all time. Shilpa is often in the news for her friendships with actresses like Bhavana, Sayonara and Shafna. Recently, Shilpa started her own YouTube channel. Bhavana, Remya Nambeesan, Sayanora and Mridula Murali were among the cast. Its video was also a big hit on social media. Many people have congratulated the star on his new channel. Videos shared by the star on the channel are also getting great audience response.

The actor has now shared a video of a holiday trip in Wayanad with her family. The video has also been released on her YouTube account. Shilpa often outspoken about her transition from super cool girl to super mom. Shilpa, who is also the presenter and actress, considers her marriage and the soon-to-be-born daughter to be all about luck. Therefore, it is clear from the posts that the sculptor shares that everything else in his life is after family.

After marriage, the actress is busy with family life and work. Dr. Vishnu Gopal is the life partner. Vishnu and her two-year-old daughter Yami are now the world of sculpture. The actress often shares her daughter’s experiences and joys of family life on social media.


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