she was in a condition where she could not hold her head straight after taking the medicine! Actress Maala Parvathi says she overcame depression

There is hardly anyone who does not go through depression at least once in their life. Depression is a bad mood. Now actress Maala Parvathi is sharing that she has also gone through depression. The actor says he went into depression when he first faced cyber attacks. The actress says that she later realized that there is no life except goodness and happiness.

When the first cyber attack happened, he had all his friends in his house. 10-12 people were in the room all the time. Tried to face it with humor. But during their absence he fell into a terrible depression. It was necessary to take medicine. The actor also says that he has been taking medicine for a long time.
There were problems that never existed in the family. After knowing that I was lying on the bed like that, Mahesh Narayanan called and Parvathi Chechi quickly got up and called me to the movie ‘See You Soon’. But the actress also says that she was in a state of not being able to hold her head straight after taking all the medicines.

Later he was able to come out of it. Because I realized very precisely that there is no life without only goodness and only happiness. If we prepare our mind to accept sadness and negativity in the same way as happiness, the mind will experience tremendous freedom. My mind is in that mood right now. The actress says that she is very happy now. Now cheating is also happy. Maala Parvathi also says that it is not said out of negativity or despair.