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She never invited me to her wedding, Arya about Aleena’s wedding

arya about alina
arya about alina

Arya is a very popular actress among the Malayalee audience. The actor also rose to fame on Badai Bungalow which aired on Asianet. Although the actor has been active in the film industry for years, it was Badai Bangla that won him over. After that, the actor appeared as a contestant in the second part of the Bigg Boss reality show. The audience got to know Arya and Arya’s family better through Bigg Boss. After that, the actor made his debut on Asianet. Arya’s close friend and actress Elena Padikkal is getting married later this month. But Arya says she was not invited to the wedding.

It was when she went live on Instagram that fans came up with the question of whether Arya is going to Elena Chechi’s wedding. But Arya’s reply was that she was not invited to the wedding. In the words of Arya, we have some restrictions on attending weddings at this time. I thought they had decided to get married in a small ceremony without much in the presence of anyone. They did not invite me, saying that I should attend the wedding. But now we understand the situation of everyone.

Arya said that although she was not invited by herself, she would see my blessings and prayers with her. Elena and Arya were together in Bigg Boss. The two have been close friends ever since. The two would also spread pictures of themselves together on social media.

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