She is Kayalvizhi, Siddharth Bharathan introduces his daughter

Siddharth's daughter name

Actor and director Siddharth Bharathan and Sujina gave birth to a baby girl last July. Siddharth himself shared this news with the fans through Facebook. Now, Siddharth is sharing his daughter’s beautiful name with fans. Siddharth’s daughter is named Kayalvizhi. Siddharth says that the name Meenakshi means a woman with eyes like a fish.

Siddharth Bharathan daughter

Siddharth was married on August 31, 2019. The actress is married to her close friend Sujina Sreedharan. The marriage took place at Uthralikavu in Vadakkancherry in Thrissur district.

Siddharth Bharathan is the son of director Bharathan and actress KPAC Lalitha. Siddharth Bharathan will be seen in the film ‘Nammal’.Siddharth made his directorial debut with a remake of ‘Nidra’ directed by his father. The heroine of the film was Rima Kallingal. He later directed the movie ‘Chandrettan Evideya’ starring Dileep. Anushree and Namitha Pramod were the heroines. The film received a good response. Siddharth Bharathan’s third film is ‘Varnyathil Asanka’ directed by Kunchacko Boban.

Sidharth Bharathan Wedding Photos 1

Siddharth was seriously injured in a car accident in 2015. He later returned to acting and directing films. He was injured in the accident and was at rest for a long time. This was followed by ‘Varnyathil Ashangakal’.

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