She cheated me, Krishnakumar’s daughter Diya’s ex-boyfriend against her


Krishnakumar is a colorful presence in serials and movies. He has acted in many films and still has strong fan support. Krishnakumar, a father of four, shares his children’s stories and family pictures on social media. Hitler Madhavankutty, the actor who runs a ladies’ hostel at home, and other comments can be found below the photo. They also attend the event with their families. Now the news about Krishnakumar’s daughter Diya is active on social media.

diya krishan kumar

Dia as a young man in love with the work and lives of jevin Thiruvananthapuram and abroad .. Although it is known to all fans. The actress has also shared pictures and videos with her boyfriend several times. But the young man has come on the scene to reveal that their love is broken. Javin’s Instagram story revealing what happened to their love is now going viral on social media. The actor says that they have broken up and the reason for that.

He knows that sharing his personal life on Instagram is cheap. But Diya’s ex-boyfriend says she can do it. Diya tells everyone that she cheated. But that is not true. He fell in love with Diya with the desire to get married. But I did not know. That she was the scapegoat for getting her old boyfriend. That’s why I posted pictures of myself on Instagram. She constantly forced me to take pictures with her and so on.

diya krishna

When I felt like I was getting away from her, she looked closer. We started all over again. But I was in a hurry. Even the weekend turned out to be work. With that she moved away from me and began to attract the attention of her ex-boyfriend. One thing you should understand is that when I finally came to India I was presented with a surprise gift and a favorite chocolate.

It took about an hour to drive to a resort to see her. The brother was in critical condition. Yet she cheated on me. Yet she did not realize how much I loved her. Someone enough for her for a while. People who live on social media have to protect their image..they will do anything for it. But Javin says they shouldn’t drag me into it. May Diya not fall into the big pits .. I will go further in life. I have my likes and dislikes. Javin then wrote that they were divorced in a mutual understanding and that she was only 22 years old and that no one should go to the post and call her bad.