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She came to this world after fighting for fourteen and a half hours!

Vineeth Sreenivasan doughter's birthday
Vineeth Sreenivasan doughter's birthday

Vineeth Sreenivasan is a popular actor in Malayalam cinema. The actor first appeared as a singer but later switched to acting. The actor later proved many times that he is not only good at music and singing. Both as a director and as a scriptwriter, the actor shined in the film. All the pictures of the star were well received by the fans. Today is the birthday of her second child, Shanaya. On this occasion, Vineeth is now sharing with fans the story related to the birth of her baby that no one knows much about. Kurup shared about his daughter Vineet through his Instagram. Vineeth says,


Verified A year back on a Wednesday night, I was rushing to our temporarily rented apartment in Vytilla from Hesham’s place after finishing the composing of a song on Hridayam. Divya told me that she was feeling a bit uneasy which was expected as she was a day past her due date.. That night it was raining heavily and around 3 in the morning, I had this blurry vision of Divya limping towards the restroom. I was too sleepy to comprehend anything. Around 3 30, she patted on my shoulder and told me ‘Vineeth, I think the baby is coming.’ 14 and a half hours of Labour. I was there with her through the entire thing..

Vineeth Sreenivasan

It was like the biggest battle I ever saw.. By evening around 5 30, with the help of Priyanka and all the other midwives at the birth village, Divya had our little lady out!! She put a long fight to come into this world… A born warrior. She is prettier than anything I have seen in my life… She is starting to pick up words now. A couple of days back, for the first time, she called me ‘papa.’ Shanaya – the first ray of the rising sun – same as Vihaan. Today, Oct 3rd is her first birthday!!

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