Shane is a 23 year old boy, Actress Sheela refuses to ban Shane


Earlier, a number of people had raised objections against the ban imposed by the manufacturers’ association for the Shane Nigam. Most have suggested that such a course of action was taken without listening to Shane’s part. Subsequently, the actor revealed the details of what happened in an interview. The producer’s council has banned Shane from abandoning films such as Weill and Qurbani. In a letter to the producers’ organization, the mother demanded solutions to the problem with Shane.

It is learned that the star organization is trying to solve the issue. Shane Nigam had been asked by his


mother’s organization to reach Kochi as soon as possible. Meanwhile, actress Sheela has reacted for the first time to the issue of Shane. While attending an event, Sheila said that the 23-year-old little boy was not to be banned. Sheela says she is not in favor of selling anyone in the film. It is not known whether Shane’s allegations are true. Sheila asked the journalists if she was hearing all this. Allegations of drug use in movie sets do not appear to be true. In the old days, it wasn’t.

There is no point in comparing past and present. Sheila says that she sacrificed herself to complete the film. It was the thought of the manufacturers not to lose. Sheela said that there was a custom that the actors would appreciate more time and finish the films quickly. Earlier, many filmmakers in Malayalam had come to support the Shane Nigam. Most were of the opinion that no one had the right to terminate


one’s employment. After talks with Shane, it is learned that the mother organization will hold discussions with the Producers Association. Shane is currently on his way to Ajmer. The talks will be held after the actor returns.

Shane had complained to his mother earlier. FEFKA has also written to her mother, the Producers Association, requesting that the issue be resolved amicably. It was then that a discussion was initiated. Actor Ummah Sunil has said that Shane will continue to act in films like ‘Veil’ and ‘Qurbani’. Sunil also demanded a house arrest from the producers.