Shamna Kasim got many expensive gifts from her husband on her wedding


On October 24, Shamna Khasim, an actress better known by her stage as Purna got married to Shanid Asif Ali, the CEO of the JBS Group of Companies and a businessman located in Dubai. She posted images to her social media account to spread the word. She received numerous luxurious and expensive gifts from her husband on the day of their wedding, according to the most recent news.

Shamna 1

According to rumours, Shanid lavishly gifted Shamna during the wedding ceremony to make it special. If the rumours are correct, Poorna also received 2700 grammes of gold as gifts. This gold reportedly costs Rs 1.30 crore.

Shamna 4

It is also made known that Shanid gave her a lavish home worth Rs 25 crore as a gift. Shamna received interest in several firms as well as a brand-new automobile from Shanid, which was an additional bonus. The total cost of these assets, according to sources, is Rs 30 crore.

Shamna Kasim5

It is sure that Purnaa is leading a lavish lifestyle and is also happy to be Shanid’s wife. In a recent Instagram post, she wrote, “Well I might not be the most beautiful woman in the world, nor do I possess all the traits of a good spouse, but you never made me feel any less of myself. You’ve adored me for who I am and never attempted to change me. It also encouraged me to work on myself to bring out the best in me. Today, amidst our near and dear ones you and I start this fabulous journey of togetherness. I know it is a little overwhelming, but I promise to be with you through thick and thin and support you forever love”