Shalini didn’t act in a song in Niram! That day Ajith called him and told him about the incident; Kamal

After a hiatus director Kamal is back with Shine Tom Chacko starrer Vivekanandan Viralan, the movie was released today, meanwhile Kamal’s words about actress Shalini and Ajith in an exclusive interview with an online media in Malayalam are getting more attention, the super hit movie ‘Niram’ into Tamil. The director talked about directing. Shalini did not act in a song scene in the film when it was made into Tamil. That was because at that time she was married to actor Ajith and Ajith had called me and told me that he would not let Shalini act after the wedding. Personally, Bully has a problem with that. So I was told not to feel anything.

But it could not be completed before Shalini’s wedding. Instead of Kunchacko Boban, Prasanth played the lead role in Tamil. Maybe due to ego clash or professional rivalry between Prashant and Ajith, Prashant caused some trouble by not giving a date. It seemed that it was because he wanted to cast Shalini after the wedding. Prashant will change the date even if the actress decides to complete the shooting before the wedding. Shalini and her father kept insisting that at least our part should be done quickly, and when it was not fulfilled, some scenes of Shalini were taken alone.

Then I told Shalini and left. But few scenes of the song could not be taken. It was left undone because its lights and other setups were not OK. I called Ajith once. Ajith asked if Shalini will be cast, I am sorry sir, I told him first. I said it’s okay and I won’t bother. After that, Prashant suddenly gave him a date and started shooting again. Dupe was replaced by Shalini and all the back scenes were taken. In one scene Chakochan comes in between. No matter what he did, he couldn’t avoid it. At that time, people could watch movies only in theaters. Today, people discovered it through YouTube. Then it will spread as a troll through social media. It is rumored that Chakochan has acted in it. But director Kamal says otherwise.